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Anything related to the activity of attending to one's garden or the objects, animals,plants and shrubs found therein.

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Garden; Gardening devices

A garden tool with a long handle and a blade, used for breaking up the soil and removing plants which are not wanted.

flail mower

Garden; Gardening devices

Flail mowers have a number of small blades on the end of chains attached to a horizontal axis. The cutting is carried out by the ax-like heads striking the grass at speed. These ...


Garden; Gardening devices

A mower is a machine for cutting grass or other plants that grow on the ground. Prior to the invention and adoption of mechanized mowers, (and today in places where use of a mower ...

sickle mower

Garden; Gardening devices

Sickle mowers, also called reciprocating mowers, bar mowers, or finger-bar mowers, have a long (typically six to seven and a half feet) bar on which is mounted fingers with ...

rotary mower

Garden; Gardening devices

Rotary mowers, also called drum mowers, have a rapidly rotating bar, or disks mounted on a bar, with sharpened edges that cut the crop. When these mowers are tractor-mounted they ...

reel mower

Garden; Gardening devices

Reel mowers, also called cylinder mowers (familiar as the hand-pushed or self-powered cylinder lawn mower), have a horizontally rotating cylindrical reel composed of helical ...