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The Internet is the global telecommunication environment consisting of numerous smaller networks and gateways connecting millions of computers around the world. World-Wide Web is a part of Internet that consists of interlinked hypertext documents comprising global information system.

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Internet > Internet communication


Internet; Internet communication

An electronic form used to gather information about a user. E-forms are used to provide feedback, make inquiries, order merchandise, sign up for services, and more.

eject button

Internet; Internet communication

The button pressed to eject a diskette, CD (compact disc), DVD (digital versatile disc), or other removable media from a diskette, CD-ROM, CD-RW, or DVD-ROM drive or other such ...


Internet; Internet communication

A conductor through which current flows. Batteries, for instance, have two electrodes, the positive electrode is also known as the anode and the negative electrode is known as the ...

ghost imaging

Internet; Internet communication

A method of copying the contents of a computer's entire hard disk to a file. The file can then be placed onto the hard disk of another computer, creating a system with the ...


Internet; Internet communication

When an object or icon dragged across the screen leaves a trace behind it.

glass plate

Internet; Internet communication

A plate found on a scanner or copier that the document is placed on to be scanned or copied. The glass allows light to illuminate the print on the document so that it can be ...


Internet; Internet communication

Action or characteristic related to the entity as a whole. An action that affects an entire file, directory, program, or project.