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Office equipment

Any stationary, device, electrical appliance or tool which is predominantly used in an office setting.

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glue stick

Office equipment; Office supplies

Glue sticks are solid adhesives in twist or push-up tubes. The user can apply glue by holding the open tube, thus keeping their fingers clean. Glue sticks are designed to glue ...


Office equipment; Office supplies

Scissors are hand-operated shearing instruments. They consist of a pair of metal blades pivoted so that the sharpened edges slide against each other when the handles (bows) ...

carbon paper

Office equipment; Office supplies

Carbon paper was originally paper coated on one side with a layer of a loosely bound dry ink or pigmented coating, bound with wax, used for making one or more copies ...


Office equipment; Office supplies

A writing instrument which dispenses a viscous ink from an internal reservoir through the rolling action of a metal ball at its point.

fountain pen

Office equipment; Office supplies

A pen filled from an external source and containing an ink reservoir that automatically feeds the writing point.Filling the reservoir with ink may be achieved manually, or via an ...

staple remover

Office equipment; Office supplies

A staple remover is a device that allows for the quick removal of a staple from a material without causing damage. The best-known form of staple remover, designed for light-gauge ...


Office equipment; Office supplies

A highlighter is a type of pen used to draw attention to sections of text by marking them with a vivid, translucent colour. A typical highlighter is fluorescent yellow, coloured ...