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Relating to public figures or personalities, celebrities or otherwise, who have made significant progress in their particular professional field, or who have helped or influenced wider society to an outstanding degree.

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King Edward I

People; Monarchs

King Edward obtained the thrown by inheritance from Henry III. King Edward I was also known as Longshanks because he was over 6ft tall, which was very tall at the time. Edward I ...

King Edward II

People; Monarchs

Son of Edward I King Edward II was made the first Prince of Wales in 1301. King Edward II was born in Wales and as a result was often called Edward of Caernarvon, due to his ...

King Edward III

People; Monarchs

King Edward III was born in Windsor Castle and became king in 1327. Edwards mother was the French Isabella who overthrew his father. His mother ruled while Edward was too young, ...

Richard II

People; Monarchs

Richard II was born in France and for the first part of his reign could not rule because he was too young. At this time the country was run by his uncle, John of Gaunt, whose son ...

Henry IV

People; Monarchs

King Henry IV is known to have taken the crown and thrown by force. He made his cousin Richard II abdicate and took his reign for his own. This saga lead to a long running dispute ...

Henry V

People; Monarchs

King Henry V is one of the most well-known English kings, thanks to Shakespeare. Unknown to a lot of people, Henry V was the first English king who could read and write easily in ...

Henry VI

People; Monarchs

King Henry VI still holds the record for being the youngest king of England, it is unlikely that the record will be broken any time soon. He came to the thrown at just 9 months ...