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Relating to public figures or personalities, celebrities or otherwise, who have made significant progress in their particular professional field, or who have helped or influenced wider society to an outstanding degree.

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King Arthur

People; Monarchs

King Arthur is a semi mythical figure, who is believed to have been a model King in the early history of Britain. Much of his early legend comes from the writings of Geoffrey of ...


People; Monarchs

A Scandinavian noble rank which is just below the king.

Harold Bluetooth

People; Monarchs

Born 911; died 1 November, 985 or 986. He was the son of King Gorm the Old of Denmark and of Thyra, daughter of a noblemen of Schleswig (Sunderjylland) who is supposed to have ...

George I of Greece

People; Monarchs

George I born Prince William of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg; 24 December 1845 – 18 March 1913 was King of Greece from 1863 until his death in 1913.