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Social media

Social media is the medium through which internet users can contact and share information over the internet.

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Social media

what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)

Internet; Social media

Pronounced wiz·zy·wig (wĭz'ē-wĭg).  The term relates to an HTML editor, word processor, or desktop publishing system that is designed to show you on screen exactly what will be displayed when a ...


Internet; Social media

An admin is a person who's in charge of a group. When you create a group, you are automatically be listed as both an admin and the group's creator. Admins can invite people to join the group, ...


Internet; Social media

An advertisement. Users can create Facebook Ads to market their products and ideas. Ads are not free. Visit the Help Center to learn more.


Internet; Social media

Users can add applications to their profiles, pages, and groups. There are dozens upon dozens of applications to choose from. Some are built by Facebook. Most are built by external developers. ...


Internet; Social media

Web log.  Used as a noun or verb.  An online diary or column maintained by an individual.  Blogs generally contain commentary,  but may also contain graphic images, videos, or descriptions of ...


Internet; Social media

An advocacy group or online campaign for collective action. Any Facebook user can start one. A cause can be used to raise money or promote one's position on an issue. Visit the Causes Help Center ...

charity gifts

Internet; Social media

This feature enables Facebook users to donate money to any of 21 select and specifically targeted charities.   Donation amounts are predetermined and range in value from $10 for two blankets for ...

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